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Give the gift of programmatic literacy: to your child, your teen, or yourself.

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We teach children the ancient useful art of touch typing.

Touch typing skills make it much easier to engage in genuine computer programming. If your children are interested in taking Hatch Prime or Hatch Alpha classes, they should be able to touch type before they begin.

Free resources for learning how to type abound—and we recommend them highly; in fact, we use some of them in this course. It may make more sense to your family to have your children develop typing skills at home, however, if your children learn better in a structured setting, consider enrolling them in Hatch Typing. 

Our approach to teaching typing is simple: our objective is the development of muscle memory at a keyboard. To achieve that, we have students spend time both on and off keyboard doing a variety of exercises and activities that help them to remember where letters, numbers, and symbols are on a QWERTY keyboard.