Hatch UP: Coding for Adults and Teens

There is a tried and true path for people who want to build or aspire to build industry-level skills in web design . . .
Hatch teaches skills to create

Inspired by Jennifer Dewalt, who built 180 websites in 180 days, Hatch presents a new way for adults to learn skills to create.

Jennifer Dewalt received a Bachelor in Fine Arts (2006) and then a Masters in Fine Arts (2008). 5 years later, in 2013, she decided to apply her creativity to learning how to code, building 180 websites in 180 days and documenting the whole process through a daily blog. She now runs a tech startup in Silicon Valley.

There is a tried and true path for people who want to build or aspire to build industry-level skills in web design:

Build full but small projects regularly, and make each additional project a little bit more complex than the last.

Technology is influencing our future

How it works:

Every day you show up at a Hatch Learning Center you will complete two requirements:

  1. Build a website and push it live to the web.

  2. Write a report or a blog to accompany the website.

The first day, the website built will be pretty simple:

Project: Homebase

This will be the homebase for all your projects, kind of like a Table of Contents for all the projects to come.

Every day thereafter you will:

  1. Spend some time brainstorming on what to build next

  2. Spend some time planning how to build it

  3. Spend some time building it

  4. Spend some time talking about what you did

Over time, your projects will become more complex and use more programming technologies: HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ajax, numerous reference libraries, etc.

What you learn will be based on what you want to build.

Along the way, you’ll learn the 5 competencies of computer programming:

Requirements-Based Programming
Programmatic Research
Computational Thinking
Computational Logic
Syntax (using) and Vocabulary (using and creating)
Skills in technology are tools to shape the future

Once a week, you’ll come to a Hatch learning center and spend the day (9 am to 4 pm) building and creating new things.

The skills you develop will help you feel prepared for the economy of the next 20 years. They will inspire confidence in working with technology. They will give you security with modern day trends in the world.



$250 / month

Weekly Hatch UP classes (cancel any time)

$200 / month

Weekly Hatch UP classes (6 month commitment)

Hatch UP is by the same team that created Hatch Studio—used at nearly 300 schools, taught over 20,000 students, and trained over 900 non-coders

University of Toronto OISE
Upper Canada College
Branksome Hall
The Bishop Strachan School
St. Mildred's Lightbourn School
Shady Hill School
Ashbury College
The Fessenden School
Shore Country Day School

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