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Solve Real Cases

Campers will complete one project every week with a real-world application for the community, business or just for fun! Everyone will work in groups of 2-4. Campers will think outside the box and be as creative and zany as they can!

Become Leaders

Campers will participate in action-based leadership activities to help develop team skills such as cooperation, communication and active listening. This will be done through hands-on games and physical activity to promote accountability, lifelong learning and commitment to their team.

Real-World Applications

Campers solve cases based on real-world problems that children may see in the news or in their community. Our campers will be challenged to work together to create innovative solutions that they can confidently communicate to an audience and apply to help others.

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Learn Real Skills

Presentation Skills


Goal Setting (SMART goals)

Flowcharts / Vision Boards

Decision-Making Frameworks

Design Thinking

Want to hear more about Tech Leadership at Hatch?

What is Tech Leadership Camp?

Technology is always changing and evolving, with new, great ideas coming from thinkers, young and old. Great ideas know no age! Imagine your child in a think-tank with other brilliant young minds solving today’s most difficult problems while building the leadership skills required to become the world’s next innovators, leaders, creators and designers. Campers work in groups of 6 or less as they are presented with different real world situations to solve - like creating an audio-only app for the blind, or solving the Toronto ‘racoon-green-bin’ crisis. Hatch places your student in the hot-seat in a socratic learning environment where they discover and learn how other brilliant minds approach similar problems, and reach new solutions on their own (and with the help of our amazing Hatch coaches).

Collaborative learning

An integral part of 21st century development is working collaboratively. Students will engage in team-building activities to create excellent projects,  learn how to communicate effectively,  and make decisions collectively.

Interdisciplinary connections for deep learning

By integrating programming,  technology and social justice, campers will be engaged in real-world problems and become more aware of the world around them. By seeing how these three disciplines align, they will see how their creations can make a difference.
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