Learn at home

Students learn in the comfort of their own home with our online virtual classes

Get individualized attention

Students learn how to use JavaScript in 4:1 classes and in 1:1 sessions.

Safe and Secure

Our teachers are skilled, trained, vetted, and fun!
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Ultimate flexibility

Decide on your own schedule and change at any time.

Tiny Classes

Learn in classes of 4:1 or less!

Real coding skills

Learn JavaScript and build your own projects.


Our learning platform is designed with kids and their interests in mind.


With individualized attention, your child will be challenged at exactly the right level.

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How Do Classes Work?

  1. Sign up for any day and time you think your child can make a weekly commitment to.

  2. Sign in to our online platform and follow a link to a “Hatchshare” - an online hub where a coach will be waiting for students to join.

  3. Students log in to their own digital portfolio and work on a project with their coach.

  4. Students and coaches communicate verbally, and share each others screens using our online learning environment - no webcams at all!

  5. Students finish projects every class and learn real programming fundamentals as they do.

  6. Work at home before your next class! Our platform stays open for all virtual users and we encourage students to work on their own between classes.

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Based on Academic Research

The two pillars of Hatch Virtual Classes are a growth mindset and positive character traits, and our goal is to help students embody both characteristics to their utmost potential. Among top education scholars, growth mindset and character development are considered significant predictors of future success. Hatch Virtual Classes focuses on building them up while at the same time delivering a fun, amazing, engaging, inspiring experience. Not only will it create awesome memories and new friendships, but the Hatch Virtual experience will also teach your child life-lessons to help them succeed in and out of school today, and ten years from now.

The Growth Mindset

The Key to Sucess? Grit



What coding experience do students require to start a Hatch program?

  • No prior coding experience required.

When do sessions start and how many weeks do they last?

  • Hatch Virtual has an ongoing enrollment process which means you start and finish whenever you’d like.

What happens if a student can’t make it to a class?

  • That’s what our 72 hours policy is all about! Check out the details, here.

Have Hatch Coaches gone through background checks?

  • Yes, all of our coaches go through Vulnerable Sector screening, as well as 20-hour training to ensure our coaches are top-notch!

What do I need for this to work?

  • All your child needs is a computer with access to a chrome browser and speakers / headphones.

Does my child need a webcam?

  • No - Hatch Virtual does not use webcams. We are able to teach our students based on ‘screen share’ technology that allows coaches to view material on the student's screen.

How old does my child need to be?

  • We teach ages 7 - 17.

My child is currently attending a class, can we do both?

  • Yes! Hatch Virtual is a great way to get individualized attention and get the most out of their weekly classes.

How will the coach know that my child is paying attention?

  • Coaches view each student’s screen so they’re able to monitor a student’s progress.

What if there is a connection issue during the class? Will I get to keep my credit? (What if the issue is the parent’s connection? What if it is our connection?)

  • First, if it’s due to a problem on our end, we deeply apologize. Second, if it’s a problem on your end, we see that as an “Act of God” situation that you couldn’t have predicted. We’ll gladly ensure that your child’s lesson is rescheduled at no additional cost to you.

Does every child need their own computer? I only have 1 laptop but I have 2 kids interested.

  • If your children are taking a lesson at the same time, you’ll need to ensure that each one has a computer of their own since they’ll be doing active independent work on the keyboard and with the monitor during the whole class.

Will my child be able to communicate with the other students in their class?

  • Yes, but the coach will be able to moderate the chat channel and mute any students who are being disruptive. In other words, your child will get the benefits of collaboration and camaraderie without the negatives of fellow students who are distracting.